FAQs at Weddings

Can we choose the music?

Yes we encourage your input into our playlist, it’s worth remembering a DJ can only average approximately 17 songs per hour and you need to allow for family and friends also making requests on the night, but most importantly the DJ needs to knit all the requests together and play songs he knows through his vast experience will keep the dance-floor busy.

Taking all these factors into account we recommend you try and keep your list of requests to fewer than 30 songs if at all possible. These requests should be emailed across to us no later than one week prior to your wedding, enabling us enough time to track down any obscure requests you may have.


What music do you have?

We carry literally thousands of tracks spanning every decade, we have to as weddings by nature are so mixed with different age groups, it’s our job to keep everyone happy and we do this with our extensive catalogue of music.


We are nervous about our first dance, what do you suggest?

Relax, 90% of couples shuffle across the dancefloor during their first dance! No one is expecting a rendition of Strictly Come Dancing (Unless you’ve had lessons of course) If you have any concerns then we suggest allowing a minute or so on your own for people to take photographs, then the DJ can ask family and friends to join you, which will take the spotlight off you both and help you to enjoy the experience.


What will the DJ wear?

Your DJ will be smartly dressed in either a suit, shirt and trousers or Black tie if requested. Please specify if you have any preferences.


Will it be too loud?

Not at all, we only use quality equipment which has excellent clarity of sound and doesn’t need to be set at an excessive volume. If you feel it’s too loud then simply ask us to turn it down, although it’s unlikely and not happened yet!


Will the DJ talk too much?

No. Our policy is “if it’s not worth saying then don’t say it!” We don’t believe in talking for the sake of talking, however we are not jukeboxes and will give your wedding a sense of occasion by opening the evening, making announcements as required and closing the evening professionally. Please let us know beforehand if you have any preferences regarding the DJ’s vocal level of involvement


Do you have lights?

Yes we provide good quality dance floor lighting suitable for your venue


Is the equipment safe?

Yes all our equipment is PAT tested annually for electrical safety and we carry Full Public Liability Insurance to the tune of Ten Million Pounds


Can we hire extra lighting?

Yes we offer a wide variety of additional services including Moodlighting, Starcloths & 5ft High Light up Love Letters, please ask for details and prices